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Some thoughts

Some thoughts
I like my city... Every day
Trough clouds, wind and rain pall
I'm glad to meet the sunny ray
And to be pleased as well at all.

In spite of smog of many plants
The clearest air will arise,
The wise and efforts all of us
Will better air like a spice.

I like my river - ancient Dnepr...
Remember beautiful childhood,
When after swimming, dives and games
We had as always highest mood...

My recollections lovely school,
When dreams and wishes seemed as right,
When friendship ours was strong,
First kiss, first love were over-bright...

Becoming elder we made list
In name of Holy God's name...
We were the real optimists
And now try to be the same.

O. Yakovlev, Zaporozhye 17.02.08

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