Автор: ALtZkHGhi
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Дата публикации - 12.10.2018 - 21:49
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hi every one! It will be a story about Russian Federation princess with name ALtZkHGhi and nick name aCCki. When she was young she had a too many friends and males. She was born on a beach in a sun sine morning. In one very rich family. Her mother was a queen of Nigeria, and father was King of America. Her mind get started in first year of her live. She was almost genius in five. All country, where she live was know about she and love she very much. They all thinked that she live a life of a idol and, as a God. People, who loved she very important, wrote graffity with word aCCki on a different walls. People wrote many lovely songs about her live. At ten years old she standing by a highest post a general director of world and Russia Federathion too. She get riched at twelve. Beautifuler than she never was no one girl on a planet. Diamonds, gold, dollars, coins, velvets was with aCCki every where and every time. Her honesty, beauty, honor, strong, clever, drese calling voice is a really bestest in this world. As Korean StarCraft, what knows all, at a childs to a oldest men and womans, her famous and glamours eyes saw all people on this planet at television. And love they more than they lives. When she had a birthday party at eighteen, she take a good scene in a best porn movie with three boys. Just becouse at fifteen she take a presidents congratulations about first place at money top in this world.

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